12 QUESTIONS with PEAKY (UK Rapper) @therealpeaky @parkstreetpr

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What’s your biggest track to date?
Probably ‘FRWRDthnkrs’. The video for that shit caught a buzz.

What’s your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop?
Probably rounding off my 2014 independent tour of California with a show supporting Devin the Dude. That was one of the craziest moments of my life so far; I was in San Diego, performing with Steez 76d, slightly gone off of some syrup I’d been given at a dispensary called ‘Turn up juice’, and the energy exchanged between us and the crowd was crazy.

What’s the first ever Hip-Hop record you brought?
‘Trouble’ by Akon. To me that album is Hip Hop as fuck.

What was the last music video you watched on You Tube?
‘South Carolina rappers film 1st ever music video in Prison!’

Besides social networking sites what websites do you check every day?
None really, apart from my e-mails. I check Noisey and PlatformCollection.com a couple of times a week though.

What’s your favourite album artwork cover of all time?
The album cover to ‘Playtime’s Over’ by Wiley. To me, that album cover is the epitome of adolescence in London.

What’s your favourite movie and TV programme?
My favourite film has got to be Spirited Away. My favourite TV show is either Prison Break or Futurama.

If you could have any car in the world what you have?
Audi A6. It’s slick and classy, but not flashy enough to make you paranoid or instantly hateable for driving one.

What’s the best Hip-Hop music video of all time?
Hmmm. I haven’t seen every Hip-Hop music video ever made, but of the small percentage I have seen, I’d go with ‘Cleanin’ out my Closet’ by Eminem, or Hive by Earl Sweatshirt.

What gadget couldn’t you live without?
My Macbook. I need to make beats like I need water.

What’s your favourite food?
Gyoza dumplings.

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?
I like walking alone at night, and reading. I used to like getting high and thinking, but that fucked my head up a bit, so now I try to silence the voices in my head. I suppose that’s a hobby.

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Q&A by Audio Dan

Carasel – The Moment – @AftRecords @ParkStreetPR @RecreoUK @carasel @_blacksmith @ded_tebiase @jmanofficial1


Fresh out of Bristol, the Ambush Family Tree are back. Always staying fiercely independent, AFT have been smashing it with the D&B recently & has found some of the hottest underground music to surface in recent months gaining a steady reputation for quality output ‘The Moment’ showcases another Branch of the tree, Hip-Hop, as they go back to their roots with some sharp vocally driven boom bap that drops us straight back in the 90’s

AFT004 sees Carasel effortlessly ride the Ded Tebiase production ably assisted by the razor sharp flows of Blacksmith & Jman.

The track comes with not only an instrumental and an acapella, but also with a clean radio edit to make sure all your DJ needs are covered.

Carasel who is well known in D&B circles for hosting major festivals and club nights with the likes of TC & Sigma released his debut Hip-Hop project in 2012 ‘Progression’ and went on to tour the music across Europe under the ‘Carasel Live’ guise, since that debut he has had a steady stream of releases on a varied soundscape of BPM’s and Tempos on a variety of labels including Hospital, Formation & Audioclone. The Moment returns him to the essence of classic sounding Hip-Hop, scratched hooks and sharp rhymes that show how he hasn’t forgotten his influences & show the power, strength & versatility of Carasel as a writer and emcee.

The way Ded Tebiase flips up the sample and adds the cuts is crazy and we dare you to try and not nod your head to the solid production and rhyme patterns as Blacksmith kicks of the track with a solid 16 and Jman one of UK Hip Hops most celebrated MCs shuts down the tune and shows why his 2014 album Auronography has led him to touring the world this year. This is music from the soul, expressed as it should be, with passion and integrity.

The acapella on the flip is a rare and welcome addition these days & works just as well in the mix as the full version, giving the possibility of dropping the vocals in any mix you like, to quote Carasel ‘Different flows for different shows different tempos of drums’.

The Family tree is growing the roots are going deeper than ever before, every new branch seems to come with something fresh and exciting and we can’t wait for the next ‘Moment’.

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