Notorious BIG tribute with Easy Mo Bee, Sat 13th Sept #Event @TheDocsOrders @ParkStreetPR


Party & Bullshit
Celebrating 20th anniversary of ‘Ready To Die’

10pm -4am Saturday 13th september 2014
@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY

With: Easy Mo Bee (Producer of ‘Ready To Die’) / Mr Thing / Spin Doctor / Chris Read / Motive


Regarded by many as the ‘greatest rapper of all time’ Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious BIG came to international attention with the release of his debut ‘Ready To Die’. We celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this classic album’s release with the producer of more tracks more tracks on ‘Ready To Die’ than any other, including the title track & the classic ‘Party & Bullshit’ itself, Easy Mo Bee.

Born and raised in Biggie’s Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bed Stuy Easy Mo Bee was the go to producer for Puffy’s early Bad Boy recordings. Responsible for much of Biggie’s and Craig Mack’s debut albums he helped shape the R&B fuelled sound for which the label became know.

Easy is DJing in London for the very first time at what is sure to the best Biggie tribute party the UK has ever seen. You can rest assured that when The Doctor’s Orders do a party they do it right!

To mark this special 20th Anniversary we are also joined by a dream team of London’s best DJs in Mr Thing, Spin Doctor, Chris Read & Motive who will all be bringing something very special to the party.

UK Runnings Presents Trademark Blud – Tricks Of The Trade (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) #Mixtape @TrademarkBlud @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

UK Runnings Presents Trademark Blud – Tricks Of The Trade (Track-list):

01 – Intro Feat. Tricksta
02 – 64 Bars for First Focus Media
03 – Lost Art Feat. Plain And Simple & Jae Sosa (Prod. by Tazman)
04 – Lyrics Are Weapons (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
05 – False Messiah
06 – Be A Rapper (Prod. by Mr Re)
07 – Cornered
08 – Command And Conquer (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
09 – Our Skin Feat. Lordy & LATE (Prod. by DJ Mainframe)
10 – Stephen Lawrence (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
11 – Lead The Way Feat. Intuitive (Prod. by Krylon Funk)
12 – Bounce (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
13 – I Believe Feat. Conscious Route (Prod. by DJ Lineton)
14 – Trademark B.L.U.D.
15 – Can’t Stop Feat. Shakezpeare (Prod by. Embra Beats)
16 – Gully
17 – Nufffin’ But A Bitch (Prod. by SK)
18 – Race Of The Rats (Prod. by Sparda)
19 – Chase (Prod. by DJK2)
20 – Fragile
21 – You’re Sure (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
22 – Sugar Rush (Prod. by Tazman)
23 – Dreams Feat. Jayde Yellow (Prod. by Squareone)
24 – High As A Kite
25 – Forever And A Day Feat. Jay S (Prod. by DJ Mainframe)
26 – Swordless Samurai (Prod. by Jynxstarr)

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Trademark Blud – Lyrics Are Weapons (Prod. by DJ Buzzword) #Video

Trademark Blud – Big Fingz TV #Freestyle

Trademark Blud – First Focus Media Swaggatalk #Freestyle

Trademark Blud – BiLLATV Freestyle Session #Freestyle

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