Rapper and emcee Big PSG’s ‘Whats a Prestyle EP’ is well worth checking out if you like your UK Rap. From the off he has that nice tone and flow but unlike quite a few of these ‘internet mc’s’, he has actually got something to say. His bars are correct in their approach and I’m loving his videos too. This is the warm up from the forthcoming ‘Just Call Me P’ release that promises to be his best work to date. The bottom line is we’re feeling PSG and we are you will to, oh and this EP is free. Did we mention that? Well…. what youw aiting for? The link is below! lol.

01. My Introduction (Produced by Politiks)
02. Real Shit (Produced by Tritone)
03. Pressure (Produced by Tritone)
04. My Warning (Produced by Pro P)
05. 24 Bar Punch Up
06. I Need Dollar Remix (Produced by Tritone)

Download link:

Check his website: http://bigpsg.com and follow him at http://twitter.com/bigpsg

See him on http://Youtube.com/bigpsg and click ‘like’ on http://facebook.com/bigpsg

BiG PSG ‘My Introduction Prestyle’ (Street Video)

BiG PSG – Real Shit (Street Video)

BiG PSG – My Warning Prestyle (Street Video)

BiG PSG – I Need Dollar (Street Video)