Coming out of Brockton/Boston, MA, USA comes this talented duo known as Notoriety. They have just released their fourth mixtape “Road Trippin’, Kool-Aid Sippin’, Chicken, Beef Patties, And Herb (Hosted By CR The Beast)” which took almost one year to complete. If you like real Hip-Hop, then this is for you! This mixtape is quality Hip Hop!!!

Notoriety is a two man group consisting of emcees Vital Silveira: Vydle Sinez and Charles Monfort: Incredible Chuck. Growing up down the street from each other, Vydle and Chuck had been close friends, almost like brothers, since the two were children. Each had come in connection with their passion for music at an early age as the pair had unique/individual talents to showcase this – Chuck rapping/…beatboxing on the street and in talent shows, and Vydle rhyming /developing a matured flow early on. As the years built, the friendship grew, and the abilities escalated, Notoriety soon emerged in 2009.

Along with several singles, Notoriety currently has three mixtapes (not including the new release) available for download: “The Toast”, “The J.A.M. (Just A Mixtape)” and “Part Deux (Hosted By Statik Selektah)” which was released on Valentine’s Day of 2011. The group writes daily, records weekly, and all production, recording, mixing/mastering, and business takes place in-house, independently. As surreal as it seems, Notoriety stays humble and remains proud to be able to do what they love, even having a fan base that consistently gives approval. Feedback, comments, love, and criticism are all encouraged. #Gainerz is the movement, Notoriety the team / Ambition is the fuel, and we gassing our dreams…

Notoriety recently won the first round of “2012 Hard Rock Rising Star”, a battle of the band competition spanning across 86 cities in the United States. Mind you, they neither have a band, nor are a rock group. The duo is the only Hip Hop group involved in the contest. They will advance to Boston’s final round on 4.1.2012, in hopes of winning the grand prize of playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in London’s historic Hyde Park. They have also performed at Collegefest 2011 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, US in front of 17,000 people, and worked with DJ Statik Selektah, Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother), and Joe Scudda.

Notoriety – Road Trippin’, Kool-Aid Sippin’, Chicken, Beef Patties, And Herb (Hosted by CR The Beast):

01. Road Trippin’, Kool-Aid Sippin’, Chicken, Beef Patties, And Herb (Produced by ID Labs)
02. Dusty Piano Feat. Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother (Produced by G. Way)
03. Say Grace (Produced by Kanye West)
04. Déjà Vu (Produced by The Technician)
05. In It To Win It (Produced by The Technician)
06. People Talkin’ (Produced by The Technician)
07. Stoopid High (Produced by The Technician)
08. Things Go Wrong (Produced by The Technician)
09. Dynamite (Produced by The Technician)
10. No Love (Produced by The Technician)
11. Put Me Through (Produced by The Technician)
12. Get ‘Em High Feat. Joe Scudda (Produced by The Technician)
13. Somewhere Else (Produced by Tone Tracks)
14. Girls
15. High Goals (Produced by G. Way)

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Notoriety’s Management:
Matthew Whitlock (@mattwhitlockPM /
Samuel John (@samjohnjr /

‘Notoriety are exactly what the game is missing.’
‘Awesome production, ill ryhmes, quality concepts.’
‘When Hip-Hop is this good it has to be Notoriety.’
‘One of the best things to come of the States for a long time.’
‘The beats snap and the ryhmes are delivered with class.’

Check out their music videos:

“Pictures On My Wall” music video currently has 22,000+ views.

“Grown Up” / “Holiday” music video currently has 12,000+ views.

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