What’s your biggest track to date?
The track that got the most love was IM A SAINT IM A SINNER featuring K-Rino & KB DA Kidnappa

What’s your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop?
Collaborating with artists I came up listening to like K-Rino, KB DA Kidnappa, Wille D from the Geto Boys to name a few

What’s the first ever Hip-Hop record you brought?
Break Machine – Break-dance party -1984

What was the last music video you watched on You Tube?
Guce – Born 2 Win

Besides social networking sites what websites do you check every day?

What’s your favourite album artwork cover of all time?
Big Bear – Doin’ Thangs but also anything by Pen & Pixel

What’s your favourite movie and TV programme?
Dawn Of The Dead (original version 1978) The Wire

If you could have any car in the world what you have?
1946 Chevy Impala

What’s the best Hip-Hop music video of all time?
Geto Boys – Straight Gangstaism

What gadget couldn’t you live without?
Photoshop and pc

What’s your favourite food?
Chicken & Chips

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?
Art and graphics, travelling, cars.

Interview by Audio Dan

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