P.OV.IC is back with their new single “Mind, Body, Soul.” This song seeks to embody the three elements of the human psyche; mind – being the central point of judgment; body – being the source of action; soul – being the cave for emotion. Neither can function without the others.

P.OV.IC (Peace, Love, Music) is a Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul group created by artist’s Rasta B and Adoria B. Both coming from opposite sides of the map and being opposite genders, this group is dynamic and promotes a positive message. Currently the leaders of a movement promoting principals of peace, love and quality music – their ambition is to change the world with their creations.

Many have compared their classic hip hop vibes to groups such as The Roots, The Fugees and Neo Soul queens such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. Take a couple minutes to listen to what they have created, and give them the chance to change the world!



P.OV.IC – “Mind, Body, Soul” available at
HulkShare : http://bit.ly/GzUKZt
P.OV.IC Music Group : http://povicnation.com/
Follow P.OV.IC at http://www.twitter.com/Povic_Music

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