UK Hip-Hop fans should be aware that Just P (formerly known as BiGPSG) has dropped his album. It features some killer tracks and beats from the likes of Tritone, Politiks, Pro P, Gadget MJM, Dirty Stanz, Dead Man Walkn, Tricksta & Baron-Samedi. Things have been buzzing for Just P since his SB TV Warm Up Sessions viral, and he has also been blowing up the underground with a constant output of music videos and tracks. This new full length project is a real chance to get to know more about Just P and a fantastic follow up to last years ‘Whats A Prestyle’ EP. If you like quality Hip-Hop Just P is a name you need to watch out for in 2012.

01. My Introduction (Produced by Politiks)
02. Im Just P (Produced by Politiks)
03. My Warning (Produced by Pro P)
04. Whoa (Produced by Gadget MJM)
05. Real Shit (Produced by Tritone)
06. Think (Produced by Tritone)
07. Soul Searching (Produced by Gadget MJM)
08. Groundhog Day (Produced by dirty Stanz)
09. Pressure (Produced by Tritone)
10. No Mercy (Produced by Tritone)
11. Real Rap (Produced by Dead Man Walkn)
12. I Smell Bullshit (Produced by Tricksta)
13. My Twisted Love Song (Produced by Tritone)
14. Tick Tock (Produced by Politiks)
15. I Just Wanna Chill (Produced by Tritone)
16. I Need Dollar (Produced by Tritone)
17. All I Need (Produced by Baron Samedi)
18. My Dedication (Produced by Tritone)
19. My Journey (Produced by Pro P)
20. Crossing Borders (Produced by Politiks)
21. Brighter Days (Produced by Politiks)

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