What’s your biggest track to date?
I wouldn’t even like to say anything about that yet as I’ve worked on a couple exclusive tracks for rappers and I’ve just finished a new mixtape which is going to be a serious one. I like 5 a.m though I don’t think its one of my more melodic tracks but it defiantly got a vibe to it.

What’s your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop?
I feel the way my sounds developed. Its different sounds a bit foreign the first time you hear it but its relevant its what’s going on now so I feel that’s a good achievement

What’s the first ever Hip-Hop record you brought?
I didn’t like hip hop at first I used to buy a lot of ministry sound albums my bro use to bring home busta rhymes tracks and I always thought there was something wrong with me haha. I remember seeing Tupac’s single ‘I wonder if heavens got a ghetto’ I only brought it cause I thought it was a good question but I still remember all the lyrics lol

What was the last music video you watched on You Tube?
J spades nightmares that’s hard. I really haven’t been on you tube lately not really had the time with work and building tracks and stuff.

Besides social networking sites what websites do you check every day?
Mostly black budget I like to check out all the new freestyles and net videos some good artists on there I mainly listen to American rappers so it’s good to hear UK artists

What’s your favorite album artwork cover of all time?
Stillmatic you can tell Nas had a message from this cover so many things you can say with artwork

Whats your favorite movie and TV programme?
I just watched avengers that’s best movie I’ve seen in a while not really a TV person I get bored sitting down lol I’ve watched phone shop a few times that’s jokes

If you could have any car in the world what you have?
I’m not really a car man I don’t think I’m in to stuff most men are I don’t get consoles I’m not interested in football lol complete opposite to all my bro’s haha but cars though I’d like too say some lambo but I’d feel too bait in there everyone watching so I’d end up with a golf blend in with society unnoticed.

What’s the best Hip-Hop music video of all time?
Again off the stillmatic album One mic really well thought of and put together video

What gadget couldn’t you live without?
My laptop hands down. I’m always doing research on there looking for new sounds watching net videos on different sound design techniques I don’t think I would have come as far as I have musically without it.

What’s your favorite food?
I love madras Indian foods so nice but it won’t beat curry goat that’s the meal right there especially the next day too much lol

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?
I’ve done thai boxing on and off most my life but I can never get into a solid routine to stick at it but it is something I’d like to get back into for the fitness side of it.

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