What’s your biggest track to date?
That hard to say really is that on the scene or in my own eye? If you’re talking air play probably “Dealers Stealer” with Fugazirum. If you’re talking personal maybe “Philosophy Baseline” but there a couple off my new album that up there still I love “Know how I Roll”..

What’s your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop?
Learning that life worth living and Hip hop made me realise that end of, fame and all that it’s ok I want some but don’t hold it to high hey…

What’s the first ever Hip-Hop record you brought?
He he!! The first I bootlegged was NWA “Straight out of Compton”, first brought hhmmmm think Tribe called Quest first album.

What was the last music video you watched on You Tube?
B-illa Brothers I think feeling them at the mo..

Besides social networking sites what websites do you check every day?
Redtube ;)

What’s your favourite album artwork cover of all time?
Tribe called Quest midnight marauders for sure looks great sounds dope

What’s your favourite movie and TV programme?
Really? Erm movie Leon still rates high but love the Bourne films, Telly I hardly have time for but I do like Cleveland show and Family guy, I also liked Mis fits but hooked on Breaking Bad it’s bad arse..

If you could have any car in the world what you have?
One with wheels for a car fan hey like nice ones but don’t drive I’m the passenger that does the break thing with my foot when peeps drive to quick, been in a lot crashes about 9 to precise..

What’s the best Hip-Hop music video of all time?
Really like the Emniem Dre video with out me just bare funny and different..

What gadget couldn’t you live without?
Ipod I write all my lyrics on the move now

What’s your favourite food?
To many hey like Wraps, Ironic I know

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?
Cooking & Philosophy


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