What’s your biggest track to date?
My Biggest track is ‘Let me know’ off the ‘Light em Up’ E,P, that’s the track thats had the most love so far, and I managed to get some radio play with that one too, that one was produced by Mr Avocado aka Dirty Dike, who is doing massive things at the moment, with High Focus records.

What’s your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop?
So far, my biggest achievements are my new mixtape, Meltdown Vol 2, as I have done it in collaboration with UK Runnings and Park Street PR, who are really pushing my music at the moment, so big ups to Tricksta, who also hosts my mixatape. Another really big thing for me was having my track ‘Artful Dodger’ featured on an internationall mixtape, Global Domination 3, which came about from my man from Baltimore, S.O.N, a really sick rapper and nice guy, I sent him the track and he put me on there. Theres some big names on there, as well as a lot of really good unsigned talent from both sides of the atlantic, so that was a really big thing, getting recognition from the states! Im hoping to collaborate with S.O.N soon, and establish the Baltimore – Cambridge connection.

What’s the first ever Hip-Hop record you brought?
I think it was The Score by The Fugees, which I still own, and which I still think is a great record!

What was the last music video you watched on You Tube?
I don’t reall hit You Tube that much to be honest, but I really like the Rodney P, Peoples Army and Mighty Mo track ‘Live Up’, Rodney P is a don, and the song is very topical. Or was, its probably like a year old now!. That’s what I mean, im not really a you tube watcher!

Besides social networking sites what websites do you check every day?
My e-mail, my Soundcloud and my Bandcamp are the only ones I check everyday, but I like browsing all the mixtape sites to see whats out. I love discovering new artists!

What’s your favourite album artwork cover of all time?
Shit man, that’s a tough one! I actually really like Dirty Dike and Contact Plays album art work. It’s a really quirky, street art style. I actually know the guy who did them, and hes a sick artist. Aquemini by Outkast has got some really nice artwork to, but to be honest, nothing really jumps to mind for me right now!

What’s your favourite movie and TV programme?
Favourite movie, probably Human Traffic or Shawshank Redmption, depending on what mood im in! Human Traffic reminds me of my old raving days, and Shawshank Redemption is just a really great film! As far as TV, im not even going to pretend like I watch prison break or any of that drama stuff, im a bit of a guilty pleasures guy on TV, so I like Come Dine With Me, Big Bang Theory, and also the comedy panel shows, I love Mock The Week, and Have I Got News For you. So yeah, no great insight in to my personality can be gained from that selection hahaha.

If you could have any car in the world what you have?
I cant drive, so I guess one that drives itself! Some futuristic Jetsons kinda deal. Or the Batmobile, that’s a beast. Id crash that in seconds though!

What’s the best Hip-Hop music video of all time?
I like ‘Ready Or Not’ by the Fugees, but I cant really say it’s the best of all time, as im sure there are loads that I haven’t seen! Im not really an MTV /You Tube kinda guy, so I don’t get to see many music videos to be honest

What gadget couldn’t you live without?
My MP3 player. I love music, and if im out and about ive got to have tunes on. It helps me drown out the madness of life sometimes!

What’s your favourite food?
I love my food, but I am a sucker for a pizza! Not your microwave jobs, proper authentic pizza. Big fan!

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?
Im not lazy, I just don’t do much hahaha.! I just like socializing, going raving, and jamming with my lady. I work full time as well, so don’t really have time for much else. That’s my excuse and im sticking to it!